Alarm Systems

Wireless Alarms & Wired Alarms

Both come with advantages and disadvantages and are dependent on your installation circumstances.

When a premises is wired for an alarm system, we favor installing a dedicated wired security system. This gives the installation the advantage on not having to change device batteries every couple of years, plus eliminates interference with RF wireless signals.

When a premises is not wired for a security alarm system, a wireless alarm will most lightly be the cheapest and trouble free option to gain protection for your premises. Advantages of wireless over wired systems are.

  1. Easy to extend the system as & when you want to 
  2. Secure specific items and areas easily
  3. Added control with wireless controllers like remote key fobs & wireless keypads

Wireless Alarm

Wired Alarm

Sol Wireless System

The Sol Wireless System caters for the Domestic and Retail Market, providing protection with up to 30 wireless  devices.

This all in one system fits in nicely with its surroundings due to its slimline stylish design.

Starter Alarm Package

  • Sol Control Panel with back-up battery and Siren
  • Wireless Door Sensor( Front Door )
  • Wireless Door Sensor( Back Door )
  • Wireless Motion Sensor( Hall Beam )
  • Remote Key Tag ( User 1 )
  • Remote Key Tag ( User 2 )
  • Decoy Bell Box

Price : €499 

SmartLiving Wired System

The SmartLiving Wired System caters for the Domestic & Retail Market, providing protection with up to 50 wired zones.

With its stylish design, the system allows the mixture of different keypads types & touch pads, with also the ability to turn into a hybrid alarm system if needed.

Prices start from €499 for pre-wired premises.