Wireless Door/Window Sensor


Perimeter Protection Device

The wireless door/window sensor give protection against forced entry from entry points around the perimeter of your premises. In addition to protecting against unauthorized access through doors and windows, the detector has the added advantage to alert users to open doors and windows before the alarm system is armed.

Once your system is armed the unauthorized opening of protected doors and windows will activate the alarm and trigger the sounders.

This wireless detector is suitable for protecting door/windows of your premises from unauthorized access. Used in domestic/retail premises to protect areas such as the following:

External Doors – Internal Doors – Window Openings – Garage Doors – Cabinet/Wardrobe/Press Doors, etc….

Once the area is armed that contains the wireless sensor, this in turn causes the detector to begin monitoring for intruders. Any unauthorized access to the protected area will generate an alarm condition and trigger the alarm sounders. If the wireless alarm system is “App Enabled” is will also send out an alert to users smartphones, giving zone description with time and date of activation also.



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