Installation - Maintenance - Monitoring

Security design for your property, getting it totally secured from the outset.

Catering for: “New Builds” – “UpGrades” – Domestic & Retail. 

New Builds

Having the correct alarm wiring installed at the first fix stage, is the most important part of your home security design. Getting this correct "NOW" will save you problems.

Alarm Upgrades

Systems today do so much more than the alarm systems of yesterday.

Domestic Installations

Making homes secure with our cutting edge technology. Alarm systems to fit every price pracket.

Retail Installations

Complete control for shops - offices - etc... while catering for multiple users and employees.

Choosing The Best System

If your premises is wired, a “wired system” may be your best and cheapest solution.

If no wiring is installed, a “wireless system” is your best and cheapest solution.

Knowing Where To Start

Even a minimum amount of security, is better than no security at all, this can be enough to deter burglars.

Customers can avail of our starter package, and add on at a later date as needed.